17 Points Home Inspection Performed by a Pro Builders USA Expert.

Your roof is not just on the outside, it actually starts above your ceiling. ProBuilders gives the homeowner or business owner the most comprehensive inspection available. It’s important to have a thorough exterior inspection but you also need to know what is going on in the attic to see if there are any mold and mildew issues, see how to properly ventilate it (a poorly ventilated attic could void a warranty) and to check for leaks that might not have become visible yet.

Your Project Manager will look for damage, wear, and tear of the:

1) Roofing (asphalt shingles, concrete & clay tile, natural & synthetic slate, etc., for hail and wind damage, deterioration, etc.)

2) Underlayment (what keeps any water that gets past the shingles from the roof deck)

3) Roof deck (looking for soft spots indicating wood rot, though not all wood rot can be found this way)

4) Roof attachments (skylight(s), flashing pipes, A/C or Heated vents, digital satellite antenna, cables, etc.)

5) Roof valleys (where the water runs off the shingles and into your gutter system)

6) Flashing (that keeps water from entering your house at the corners and edges)

7) Chimney (looking at the flashing and for leak-causing cracks)

8) Gutters and downspouts (for proper drainage away from your house, shingle granules, etc.)

9) Soffits / Fascia (looking for unobstructed vents from the outside)

10) House foundation (for cracks, excessive settling, etc.)

Thy will go up into your attic to inspect:

11) Roof deck (from the underside looking for warping, rotting, mold, and moisture)

12) Insulation (for amount and condition)

13) Ventilation (daylight coming through soffit vents)

14) Temperature (should roughly approximate outside air temperature)

While inside your home they will also ask about:

15) Walls (for signs of water leakage or foundation/damage)

16) Ceilings (for signs of water leakage or foundation/damage)

17) Floors (for signs of breakage due to foundation/damage)

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