Do I need to get (3) estimates to satisfy my insurance company?

Absolutely not! You are entitled and have the right to choose the contractor of your choice based on quality, not just for price. When it comes to credible and quality roofing companies, cheapest is usually not the best way to go.


What if my insurance company does not pay for my entire roof or repairs?

You are entitled to a re-inspection on your property with your contractor present.


Should I have my contractor present during my insurance companies inspection?

Absolutely, positively, without a question, YES! Having a qualified contractor at your adjustment helps ensure a fair claim. The adjuster works for the insurance company, PRO BUILDERS works for you the homeowner.


How do I know if a contractor is qualified?

You should ask for references. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Make sure they are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have professional trade association credentials as well.


How soon can you start working on my roof?

Once we have with the insurance company, and receive a deposit, work should start within 1-2 weeks. Weather permit your project may be able to start sooner.


How did hail damage my roof, siding and gutters?

Hail damage to asphalt shingles can cause soft spots or bruising that may not be visible to the naked eye. Hail impacts will also loosen the hard granules that make up the top surface of the shingle. In some cases hail will cause enough damage to break through the shingles felt matting and cause its fibers to be exposed.

Hail often will cause dents or marks on the metal roof venting systems as well. Damage to vinyl siding will normally be shown by visual breaks, cracks or holes. Aluminum siding and guttering systems are much more fragile to hail damage. With insurance companies even small dents are considered cosmetic damage and in most cases are covered under your property insurance policy.


Will filing claim cause my insurance company to drop me or raise my rates?

Sorry to say, but everyone’s rates will be going up by a percentage in the hail damaged area. If you are in an area that has sustained considerable hail damage, your rates will probably go up even if you don’t file a claim or do not have any damages! Also, your insurance company cannot drop you in most cases. This is considered an “act if God” catastrophe, which is usually outlined and defined in your insurance policy. Normally in these situations it is against the law for your insurance to drop you.


What can PRO BUILDERS USA do for me?

We would like to take the opportunity to give your home a complete hail inspection free of charge. If we find evidence of hail damage, we can then help you through the entire insurance claim process from start to finish.

This will include negotiating the correct scope of work and cost of damages you have sustained. We will be at your home to make sure that you receive exactly what your are entitled to. After the insurance adjustment is over and you are approved, we will then be your one stop contractor. We will perform all of the repairs prescribed and paid for by your insurance carrier.


Is there a deadline to file a claim complete improvements?

There is generally a one to two year statue of limitations to file and complete improvements. Refer to your Homeowner’s insurance policy if you are unsure.