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Max Blanco: Production Manager

Max Blanco came to the United States via El Salvador in April of 1988.  He arrived in Los Angeles, California and started working in the commercial building, structural remodeling, and earthquake reinforcement industry.In this industry Max laid the foundation for today by learning principles in the construction and remodeling industry.

In 1990, wanting to gain more knowledge and experience, Max started working with the new construction industry.  Then in 1994 he start a new career in the roofing business, not only becoming an expert roofer of all types for himself but helping others to grow successful roofing companies throughout the United States as well.  Max has traveled the country performing commercial and residential roofing throughout the South and Midwest.  From over 22 years of his extensive learning, Max's experience goes way beyond standard roofing techniques and practices.  He is also very adept with the insurance claims process of wind, hurricane and hail.

Max currently resides in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Irving, TX  and is married to a beautiful Costa Rican lady and they have two sons. 

Positive Qualities About Max:  Passionate about building and construction....believes in going above and beyond for people,… great smile...family man...solution oriented... open minded...persevering & persistent attitude...loves to create things from nothing to something…loves God and is a Christian…

Rich Cavaness: Residential & Commercial Project Assessor

Since 1990, Rich has owned & operated an Insurance Agency, has been an evangelist, and a pastor.  In 2006 he joined forces with the Bible-based motivational company All Power Seminars in which he wrote (3) books, produced Living a No Limits Life seminar, and coached over 120 clients in the 12 month All Power Network personal development system.  From 2009-2010, he worked with Franklin Covey in Las Vegas helping Auto Dealers with recruiting and hiring sales reps, and was responsible for conducting training with the unique model that only Covey can provide. Rich moved to the DFW area in 2011, where he jumped back into the sales arena working with ProBuilders General Contractors.  From 2009 to present, Rich has been an volunteer trainer at the Life Enrichment weekend experience called The Road.  As a matter of fact, since August of 2012, Rich has been in a leadership role for The Road, a faith-based non-profit organization.  Rich and his wife Libia live in the Dallas area today, and Rich’s adult children live in Washington State. 

With Rich’s insurance background, he is able to help ProBuilders customers navigate easily through the insurance claims process and deal with insurance companies on their behalf. 

Positive Qualities About Rich:  Gifted teacher, trainer, and coach....Likes to help others improve their lives...great smile...can take complex & controversial topics and make them easy to understand...positive & optimistic...Loves public speaking...knows a little about a lot of things...open minded...persevering & persistent attitude...people tend to trust me quickly...loves to network and build relationships...loves to write articles & books...student of Leadership development...

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